How to start a PWA + Nodejs, mySQL, express project

Progressive web apps are one of the fast rising/newest techniques used in creating modern web applications, PWA was introduced as a means of creating a web app powered by the web engine, that gives users native app experiences and feel. Progressive web app are actually a web application that comes with native apps features which works in the browsers and can be installed, uses directly from the home screen as a separate app with splashes and orientated screen type, just like a native app across all platforms.

PWA is a new techniques in the field of web development, lots of big companies have already embrace the power of progressive web app which includes Starbucks, instagram, flipkart and others.

Enough of histories, let get the deal of the day done, which is to enlighten you on how to create a progressive web app that runs on nodejs plus express server, that make use of mysql database to store useful datas and of course have all the features of a progressive web app, for instance the app will be installed, work on secure (https)/local (http) server and work offline.

First you have to create a project main folder you can name anything just like the main folder that contain all your project files, open the same folder in any IDE of your choice, I will be using Vscode in this course, open the project folder thru your IDE, or locate the computer terminal/command line interface, and let get started.

Open your terminal/ command line interface and initialize npm, the purpose of initializing npm is to install node modules, create package.json file and have an environment to install all the necessary dependencies, which we will make use later in the program.

npm Install Mysql 
npm Install Express

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